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Rheingold is brewed today the same way it was 30 years ago. No other beer can make that claim!

Back in the 60's all beers were sold at the same strength as they were brewed. Those days are gone forever. Today, all other beers -- premium, super-premium, regionals, even major imports -- are brewed at one strength, then watered down just before packaging.

This allows breweries to save labor and tank space. And the added water lets them sell more beer than they brew.

But not Rheingold. Rheingold is packaged exactly as it's brewed. No water is added.

Rheingold is krauesened!

That means we take the extra time to ferment our beer twice. Only the finest brews are made using this slow, Old World technique. It's what gives Rheingold its distinct dry smoothness. These days only two premium beers are krauesened -- Budweiser and Rheingold. So Rheingold is in pretty good company. And so is Bud.

Rheingold has never lowered its original gravity. Original gravity is a measure of how robust or hearty a beer is.

Beer is supposed to be brewed by brewmasters. But sometimes a brewery's accountants can have a hand in the process. And since it's cheaper to brew beer by lowering its original gravity, that's what most breweries have done over the past 20 to 30 years.

Other beers have lowered their original gravity from as much as 12.6 in 1970 to 10.5 today. But Rheingold is still 12.1, the same original gravity our beer was 30 years ago. Our accountants may not always be happy, but the people who drink our beer are.

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